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What Are Examples of Man-Made Disasters?

British Petroleum or BP, the owner of the rig, was found to be criminally responsible for the disaster. For 50 years, workers deposited various rocks and mining debris in the same poorly maintained area, not even bothering to sweep anything under the bed or a pile of clothes or something.

Lead and zinc were mined there, 20 billion dollars worth from to No doubt, most of our progress and development is the result of industrial growth and technological advancement of which we feel proud.

Natural Versus Human-Made Disasters

But the Bunker Hill Mine may soon reopen, now that the EPA thinks the mine and smelter have been sufficiently cleaned up. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Want to know what happens when you stand on top of one of those and start drilling into it? Concerns about nuclear proliferation and terrorism have increased the controversy as well.

At first, the U. Building background knowledge activates learning and builds vocabulary. And while these things may be true, there's no avoiding the fact that we ourselves are responsible for many of the planet-murdering buttfucks that befall our delicate population.

As You Read The Article: Reading non-fiction text is a great way to do that. After a lengthy trial, SADE was held responsible but never forced to pay damages, proving once and for all that crime or at least negligence doesn't pay, but it also doesn't necessarily cost you anything.

Now Picher is a ghost town and considered one of the most toxic places in the U. Not only did 11 men lose their lives, but the ecosystem in that area was devastated. The tank was never rebuilt, but to this day some Boston residents claim you can still smell the molasses on hot summer days.

Pollution of any type is the greatest threat to our life because it causes many fatal diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, tuberculosis, asthama and even cancer. Hence pollution control measures must be used. Man-made disasters are disasters due to result of of human intent, negligence or involving a failure of a man-made system that leads to human suffering and environmental damage.

The rig subsequently sank into the Gulf, killing 11 people. Years later, the damage still exists and people are still suffering. Middle West Dust Bowl Dirty Thirties Times were hard during the Great Depression of the s, and they got much worse for people living in the Middle West, when vast dust clouds roiled over thousands of the square miles of the U.

Despite the illness, ruined roads and sudden pillars of Satanic smoke, serious attention wasn't paid until when a gas station owner noticed his tanks had reached a temperature of degrees Fahrenheit. It is the only way which can save humanity. Consequently, fresh water resources are depleting very fast and water-borne diseases are on the increase.

This would have been a simple unfortunate coincidence had it not been stolen several times before. Ininvestigators discovered that 34 per cent of the children in Picher had lead poisoning, mainly because lead had contaminated the ground water.

Explosions Another man-made disaster that should be of more concern to everyone, but doesn't get much attention is an EMP.

In India, wastes of oil, refineries and atomic plants are dumped into the rivers or seas which poses serious threat to the health of the people living in its surrounding areas or far away. The chemical fertilizers many farmers now use pump vast amounts of nitrogen and phosphates into rivers such as the Mississippi, creating hypoxic areas known as dead zones.

At one point, President Carter declared Love Canal a disaster site and federal money was given to the residents to help them relocate. If you want to learn more about explosions, go here: But all the while, toxic waste piled up in Picher, and the waterways in the area turned reddish brown.

Other types of man made disasters which are just as catastrophic include chemical spill, oil spill, arson and terrorism. These include man made and natural disasters. We wouldn't even be able to figure out who attacked us.Oct 25,  · British Petroleum or BP, the owner of the rig, was found to be criminally responsible for the disaster.

It was convicted of many felonies and misdemeanors, and has paid dearly for this environmental catastrophe, as much as $42 billion at last kitaharayukio-arioso.coms: 4. Pollution- A Man made Disaster. Pollution is a world problem.

Today, whatever little oxygen we inhale, is polluted. No doubt, most of our progress and development is the result of industrial growth and technological advancement of which we feel proud. May 22,  · The 25 Greatest Disaster Movies of All Time By Bilge Ebiri () While most disaster movies follow a few days or hours in the lives of their characters, this devastating, fact-based account.

Man-Made Disasters The difference between natural and man-made disasters is the element of human intent or negligence that leads to human suffering and environmental damage; many mirror natural disasters, yet man has a direct hand in their occurrence.

And check out some man-made fictional disasters, in The 5 Lamest Disasters in Disaster Movie History. Or check out some corporate disasters, in 5 Corporate Promotions That Ended in (Predictable) Disaster. And stop by our Top Picks to comedy of natural disaster-like proportions.

The cause of natural disaster is natural with man-made disaster is caused by man himself. Man - made disasters include leakage of oil in the sea, nuclear explosion, leakage of poisonous gases and chemical, fire, floods created by dams etc. Man - .

Write an article on man-made disasters movies
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